Top 5 Fat Burning Super Foods


Many people think that if you want to lose weight, you should eat less or even do not eat at all. Hold that thought for you need to think again. You need to eat, in fact and the point here is that you just need to eat right and eat healthy in order to keep your health while still can lose weight. These losing weight waste lots of time and effort and persistence if you want to stay fit.

It is highly recommended that you should do exercise, eat healthy but not so many people know how to eat well, especially when you want to shed some pounds.

There are, in fact, lots of foods you would choose in order to lose weight that are available within your kitchen.

Following are some highly recommended food you should eat on regular basis that are both good for your health and beneficial for weight losing process.

1. Water works


Water is surely good for your health, but it is not all about drinking water alone. Along with pure and minerals, it is also the best that you could drink fruit juice as well as other types of teas.

In fact, people are going mad about detox and organic eating those days for they are actually good for your health and bring incredible health benefits.

The best ways to make use of those food sources is to drink the juice at least twice a day, the morning to start your day and at noon, around the tea break to keep yourself refreshed and relaxed.

Many type of juice you could choose such as Lime, Orange, Guava and pomelo and so forth. Those are all organic and good for your glowing skin as well.

2. Broccoli


People keep boasting about this green food over and over again for it is incredibly useful. There are high concentration of vitamin, fiber and calcium, which are all good for your overall health, not to mention that it would make perfect option to opt for if you are not eating carbs. Moreover, broccoli is also ways too good for your heart health and so forth.

The best way to consume broccoli is to use it as the salad dressing. Moreover, it is still yum when you eat boiled broccoli along with other lean and red meat. This would help you feel full and do not really need carb to have enough energy for a working day.

3. Cabbage


Those who want to lose weight, foods that they need to eat more is the food that it rich in filling, fiber and vitamins. Among leafy greens vegetables that are available in such properties, cabbage is the vegetable that are filled with all of those necessaries ingredients. Therefore, it is recommended that you as much cabbage for satisfied result.

Similar to broccoli, you can eat this vegetable every day to include more fibre. Along with that, you could drink the juice from cabbage every morning.

4. Grape Fruit

Grape Fruit

Or people may call it pomelo. This fruit is super good for your heart health, skin glowing. Any people can eat grapefruit and fortunately, there are so many dishes and uses of grapefruits so if you are on diet, you don’t even have to worry about boring dishes you eat over and over again.

The key nutrients that grapefruits can bring about is the high amount of vitamin A, vitamin C that are all needed for losing weight without adding too much calories.

The tips to choose grapefruit is to choose the one that is heavy, not just big in size.

5. Lettuce


This green vegetable is not the exception for the food you should eat in order to lose weight. They are rich in vitamins and minerals while being low at calories intake.

The fact is, there are only 60-70 calories in lettuce per pound and the vitamins are mentioned here are B vitamins, folic acid, and manganese. Thanks to this, it can also be healthy food that help you to control blood sugar.

How to consume:

  • Take out and crush handful of lettuce.
  • Grate them well to get the juice.
  • Chill the juice in the fridge and drink for few days.
  • Keep drinking this instead of milk and along with other fruit juice.

Vitamins in this vegetable is also necessary in helping you to treat other health issues, including home remedies for Molluscum Contagiosum.

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